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March 29, 1938 – April 11, 2020

Ruby Carroll
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From: Brian McEwen
From: Brian McEwen
From: Marian & Scott Haslett
Ruby & Pastor George Carroll Christmas 2005

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We are so saddened to hear of Ruby's passing. I went to many of Ruby's seminars and classes at University Gospel Temple as well as at Parkwood Gospel Temple. She influenced me greatly and was a source of encouragement and mentorship for me. My husband And...[read more]
Ruby Carroll nee Shepherd came from a very Godly family who came to Christ in the Kingston PAOC church in the 1930s. These were hard times during the heart of the Depression but many families came to the Lord then...the Shepherd family, the James McGregor...[read more]

Ruby meant so much to us. Ruby had a way of making you feel special and her best friend at the same time. She always found ways of te...

[read more]
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